Welcoming Egypt to the World of Democracy


Egypt is famously known for its rich past that gives it unique noticeability. It is a multicultural nation whose natural and manmade beauty cannot be overemphasized. This may be the reason as to why the nation has been attracting people from all walks of life to come and enjoy great moments as they unwind. Egypt is the perfect definition of Arabic lifestyle even though it is a cosmopolitan nation. This website is aimed to helping the reader understand the extent of struggle for a future where democracy is upheld.

The nation has always been on a revolution going by the emotions of the citizens. Most of them dislike any regime that ignores the youth, and this can be witnessed by the frequent uprisings that seek to topple any incumbent government. The Tahrir Square has been turned into a battle field any time protestors take to the streets to demand good governance. There were many demonstrations that were staged in Tahrir Square, and these were being interpreted as diversions that brought about a lot of confusion.



Egypt had to be delivered by all means, hence the vehement push by the demonstrators. They did not want to relent until the nation was saved from the historical undoing which seemed to understand the language of revolution. The judicial process was seen to be such a block since it was not addressing the issues that the citizens raised. Of all the 850 demonstrators who were killed during the demonstrations, there was only one police officer who was accused of killing one demonstrator. No one could explain what or who was the cause of the deaths of the rest of the demonstrators.

Egyptian politics have been in dire need of a revolution since majority of the population have not been content with the way the nation is led. A number of Non-Governmental Organizations have been sufficiently funded to ensure that they deliver the long awaited promotion of democracy. However, any donation forwarded to NGO’s functioning in Arab countries is only given to the organizations that promote the policies of the reigning regime.

Egyptian Trends

With democracy in Egypt there is a lot of trends appearing in society and medias. Lots of form of entertainment among it. We will try to present the most interesting ones below!

Latin Leche is the brand new series created in USA and taking place in several Latin-speaking countries. Will it come to Egypt? Who knows. It’s about single guy adventures where he picks up other men for some serious taboo fun.