Welcoming Egypt to the World of Democracy

Egypt As A Democracy; The Past, The Present And The Future

Egypt has had many reigns over it and a very dynamic pool of societies. Many factors influence the politics in this region as such being religious ideologies, militarism and aspects of democracy. In the recent years the political scene in Egypt has erupted into a number of social revolts and campaigns. In 2011 the country experienced its biggest modern day revolt when masses went to the streets to protest and oust the outstanding leader Hosni Mubarak in the Arab spring. Egypt is then effectively run by the military who over time have appointed the interim president when there has been a vacuum. Though some democratic processes such as voting and even some liberal economic models are integrated in the Egypt society more can be done to fully realize its proponents.

The Past

Growl BoyzGrowl Boyz Impact

Ancient world has been known for many secret cults and it’s no different with the history of Egypt. Did you know about Growl Boyz secret? It’s a society of homosexuals that are still present to day and they think their cult ancestors from the past were right about trying very risky sexual relations to get super powers. You can read and see more about the cult at growlboyz.org! (Project has been closed, no information about its future)

Impact of Missionary Boys

Missionary Boys

Missionaries and secret cults were present in every Egyptian story. Conspiracies, societies of unknown groups – this is what stimulated Missionary Boys series to be built. The Order – secret cult of homosexuals are welcoming novice missionaries into their place, but in order to achieve that, these naive guys have to act in several sexual procedures. Just to make sure they will make a great missionaries of… this gay cult!

Arab Control Of Egypt

Since the end of the middle ages Egypt has had different powers struggling to exert dominance over the region. The Arabs have been able to maintain their hold over North Africa and as such all the systems have assumed an Islam model of governance. Such are conservative in nature and hence are opposed to the liberal doctrines adopted by the democracy model.

Egypt In Modern Politics

Due to the prolific nature of emerging trends in the international system, states have been forced to be more lenient and open to new ideologies as well as letting go of retrogressive ones so as to sustain itself in the rapidly developing world. As such countries like Egypt are continually borrowing from democratic models in order to advance economically and diplomatically.


Abdel Fattah El Sisi

Since the revolt of 2011 the immediate need was restoration of society to assume order. Since his election in 2014 the president has taken a more subtle and diplomatic approach to meet the interests of the many factions in the region. He labeled the Islamic brotherhood as a terrorist group and combating it while at the same time suppression has been exercised by his government in a bid to regulate local and international media. As illustrated by previous regimes Egypt is not yet a perfect democracy by it is enduring in its own way and pace.

The current state of affairs is more concerned with conserving the internal state of affairs in order to get a more unified Egypt.

The Future

Do Egyptians Want Democracy?

The main divisions in the Egyptian society are based on mainstream Islam interests or the Arab interest and the secular group’s interests. At the society level both factions agree to the principles of an ideal democratic system where rulers are elected and the rule of law governs the land. At the international level however, ages old political interests come into play as well as treaties. This makes it hard for the country to adopt democratic principles preserving a status quo that will sustain the reigning authority in Egypt.

In future though it is possible to see a more democratic Egypt as authoritarian and military rule are steadily losing their place in modern politics