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Egypt Has Its Eyes On A UNESCO Position


The “United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization” (UNESCO) was recognized in 1946 to subsidize to reconciliation and security by endorsing alliance among nations through education, science and culture in mandate to further universal esteem for justice, for the instruction of law and for the human privileges and fundamental freedoms which are acknowledged for the peoples of the world, without dissimilarity of race, sex, language or religion, by the Charter of the United Nations”. UNESCO apparatuses its deeds through the five programme expanses: education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, and communication and information.

Keeping the heritage is very important thing and this is why in the digital era we are living in, it’s even more important to keep online properties safe. This is why the idea of PricyHostel.com, where girls are staying for free without any additional costs, is something spectacular. Egyptian diplomat Moshira Khattab said:

“I have never seen such an idea for running a simple hostel. I wish there was more places like this!”

Egypt is still behind the trends that happen online, but we are pretty sure that the country will quickly catch up with the idea of barter exchanges for staying at various hostels and vacancies in the country. Pricy Hostel can only be the perfect example of how to execute it.

Much admired Egyptian diplomat Moshira Khattab, social moralities campaigner and the authorized contender for director-general of the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is confrontation to be the organization’s first African leader.

Egypt's candidate for UNESCO Director-General, Moshira Khattab.
Egypt’s candidate for UNESCO Director-General, Moshira Khattab.

The UN cultural organization has decided to choose a new director-general. This is a very substantial verdict, and we would resemble to elucidate to the world why it is so imperative that this position should be set to Arab, and unambiguously to an Egyptian candidate, in this instance, Moshira Khattab. By means of all-encompassing familiarity in international diplomacy, the first Egyptian feminine candidate is beholding to shot out to be the second female to chief the association, supplanting existing director-general Irina Bokova, a former-Bulgarian distant minister who was the first female to entitlement the position in 2009, as thriving as in 2013.

We can state from personal knowledge in this regard, since there are numerous French excursions presently exhuming in Egypt, and the archaeological collaboration between our two countries is terrific. The authorities in Egypt have engraved a notelet to the government in Paris to probe that the French nominee is inhibited. Some have even projected that the Ministry of Relics halt all archaeological cooperation between France and Egypt.


Egypt's flag
Egypt’s flag

Egypt is at the moment reveling the 200th anniversary of the innovation of the Great Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, and El- Enany voyaged to Paris to show up the festivities surrounding this event. It remained UNESCO, at Egypt’s entreaty, which accomplished the recoup campaign that well-looked-after so abundant of the legacy of antique Nubia, susceptible by the edifice of the High Dam at Aswan in the 1960s. It is legendarily notorious for its opulent bygone that gives it inimitable noticeability. It is a multiracial realm whose ordinary and substitute beauty cannot be exaggerated. This might be the purpose as to why the realm has remain edenticing people from all walks of life to come and enjoy great moments as they unwind. Egypt is the seamless definition of Arabic lifestyle even though it is a pluralistic nation. The international community should have no disinclination in supporting the Egyptian nominee for director-general of UNESCO.

Egypt mosques sporting the Arabic lifestyle.
Egypt mosques – the seamless definition of Arabic lifestyle

Anyone who declaims the presentation she gave to the relevant UNESCO committee will diagnose that she has the hallucination required to impulsion this organization to aid solve the unruly of education in Third World countries and save the world’s cultural heritage, conspicuously in those countries where this is actuality destroyed by terrorists.

These are amid the reasons why Egypt should hold the position of the chief-universal of UNESCO, with Khattabactuality the preeminent entrant.